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Design :

Confia Control System can provide skilled electrical engineering services to control your process or plant. Full CAD drawings are provided to ensure that the system is easy to service and modify in the future.

Programming :

Confia Control System provides top-of-the-line PLC programming solutions with a wide variety of programming services including everything from new system installations, upgrades to existing controls, and complete system retrofits. Our team of experienced programmers has worked on all brands of Programmable Logic Controllers. The industrial automation software we develop and supply is written, tested, and started up by our own personnel – in doing so we are able to respond quickly to any changes or problems and apply this knowledge to future projects.

PLC programming has been and will continue to be one of our core competencies. Our company’s staff has grown and adapted to the many changes in the software and hardware industries. Our dedication to training and innovation has enabled us to field a competent staff that is ready to take on projects with all levels of complexity.

Our company has expertise with the following PLC controller companies

  • Mitsubishi

  • Labview

  • Siemens

  • Delta

  • Omron

  • Allen-Bradley

  • Abb

  • Keyence

  • Messung

  • Pro-Face

  • Ge Fanuc

  • Schneider

  • Etc……


Manufacturing :

Confia control system can handle all associated control devices, identify electrical/instrument drawing errors for correction, and perform comprehensive testing. We also support clients with the commissioning of new or retrofitted electrical installations – right down to the instrument calibration.

Confia control system builds its control panels with the same high standards it applies to all work. All control wiring is ferruled and numbered, all components are labeled and full drawings are provided. These measures help maximize the lifespan of your new system and make fault-finding quicker and easier in the future.

Maintenance :

Routine maintenance is critical to ensure that your factory runs smoothly. Confia control system can offer tailored electrical planned maintenance programs to minimize disruptions to your business operations and focuses on the following key areas:

  • Inspecting machine panels, tightening terminals, and rust prevention.

  • Conduits, cables, and wiring system degradation

  • Safety switch testing and compliance

  • Co-ordination with onsite managers, onsite engineers, and machine operators

We believe unplanned and costly downtime can be minimized through regular inspection and maintenance and non-urgent required repairs can be completed at a time when production allows.

FA Products Training:

We offer a wide range of training solutions for Engineering Students, Engineers from the maintenance department, and Executives on Mitsubishi FA products (PLC, HMI & Drives). We provide training at our well-equipped training center. We also provide customized Onsite Training based on the customer's requirement

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